Cascade: How to Actively Engage Your Business Idea


Ever been to the Niagara Falls? The three beautiful waterfalls, that make up the Niagara Falls, bestride the international border between Canada and the USA. This tourist hotspot formed during the most recent North American ice sheet's glacial period, the Wisconsin Glaciation, that occurred 10,000 years ago. This large cascade has retained its beauty and allure despite the geological changes that have occurred since then. 

Each year, about 30 million people visit the Niagara Falls to take in its wonderful sights. They are drawn to and amazed by the natural forces that make the millions of gallons of water to flow over precipices into the Niagara River. 

By definition, cascades signify a passage or a flow. In the case of a waterfall, there is a flow of water over rocks or an incline until it reaches the surface of the earth. Usually, this incline occurs in steps causing the water to flow in rapid succession. 

As an entrepreneur or potential business owner, you are faced with a cascade of steps that you must go through to bring your vision or business idea to life. One step leads to the next but you must take the first step. 

Like the hydraulic forces that engage gallons of water to fall in a cascade or waterfall, there is a force within you that you must activate in order to take that first step. You have to actively engage that business idea in your head to set it in motion.

Your business idea will never become profitable if you don't first engage it. You have to take the very important first step of planning your business. To plan your business is to write your vision for it. Planning your business helps you to map and iron out all structural, operational, organizational, and financial details for your business. 

Planning your business prepares you for the next steps in your cascade. It sets you on the right path and gives you enough to work with as you start and grow your business. 

Your business idea may just be as beautiful and attractive as the Niagara Falls, but if you do not engage it through a cascade of vital steps, it will never come to life. 

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