Cascade: Connecting with Fellow Entrepreneurs


Take a look for yourself. Google pictures of cascades and you will find out that most waterfalls are surrounded by other waterfalls. For example, the Niagara Falls consists of three cascades that sit above and across the border between the United States and Canada. 

Cascades tend to occur in groups. So should entrepreneurs. 

It is important for entrepreneurs to connect with each other. No man is an island. More often than none, the answers to our biggest questions are in the hearts and minds of fellow business professionals. 

If you’re at the beginning stages of your entrepreneurial pilgrimage, you have to value the advice you get and relationships you make with experienced entrepreneurs. As an experienced entrepreneur, you have to value the creative ideas that beginner-entrepreneurs may be bringing to the table. There is so much both parties can learn from each other, not to talk of the possibilities of forming profitable partnerships. 

The question is: How can you make those connections? How can you reach out to fellow entrepreneurs? Where can you find them? 

The simple truth is: You have to network. Much like dating, networking involves you putting yourself out there - physically and virtually. Here are three key ways to connect with fellow entrepreneurs: 

Social Media: Firstly, if you aren’t, you or your business should definitely have social media pages, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin - or wherever else your target market like to sign up on. Through your personal or business social media pages, engage with professionals, brands, and businesses in your niche. Do this by posting, sharing and commenting on industry-relevant or niche-related subjects. This would help you build trust amongst followers and similar-minded entrepreneurs online. 

Networking Apps: Just as dating apps are on the rise, networking apps are becoming more prominent. These apps are designed to help professionals and entrepreneurs to connect with each other and cultivate lasting professional relationships. Some of our favorite and most trusted networking apps and sites include Shapr, and meetup. With these platforms, all your potential professional friends, colleagues, mentors, mentees and inspirations are literally at your fingertips. 

Community: Forget the internet age for a second, step out of the comfort of your screens and into the world of real faces with real voices sharing real stories. The best way to find and connect with fellow entrepreneurs is by going to where they are. Join business or entrepreneurial associations, community, and organizations; and attend business conferences, trade shows and seminars - especially those related to your niche or profession. Make sure your wallet always has your business cards; and always be prepared to engage others, hear their stories and share your vision

Take a bold step and connect with an entrepreneur today!