Cascade: Sticking to the Plan

Photo by  Anton Tevajärvi

The most amazing feature of waterfalls is their ability to flow continuously over edges until the water settles in the plunge pool at the foot of the fall. 

Cascades of water are created by steep vertical drops of water flowing together in a stream over precipices. The flow of water is directional and moves towards the plunge pool. In the same vein, a cascade of information or knowledge requires successful passage or flow of information or knowledge. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to have a cascade of information that facilitates and guarantees the flow, continuity, and growth of your business - even in your absence. This cascade is your business plan

Your business plan is more than a piece of document that outlines your business’ mission statement, strategies, finances, and forecasts. It is more than a mere requirement for seeking financial investment. It is a measure of your business’ growth potential

You need a business plan to keep you abreast of the steps, strategies, and measures you have to take to grow your business or the decisions you need to make to expand your business. Your business plan is your guide as an entrepreneur. You should not and cannot do without it. 

This is why it is so important to stick to your plan. Make the most of your business plan - study, understand and revise it as you go. 

Continuously remind yourself and your staff of your business’ mission and vision statements, goals, objectives, milestones, projections and expectations. Apply the strategies that your plan proposes and make adjustments wherever necessary.

Remember there is no such thing as a great business plan. Every business plan is subject to revision. As you grow, revise your plan. Develop new strategies, have new goals, expand your horizons and make note of it all in your business plan. 

When you maximize your business plan, you are able to share your vision, eloquently and efficiently, with your employees, potential partners, and clients. Until you can do that, your business’ cascade runs the risk of being jeopardized. 

The purpose of having your business plan is to have a steady and reliable guide; but like a map, your business plan is only beneficial when you stick to it or follow it through.