Gettysburg: War Within Borders

George A. Custer and General Alfred Pleasonton on Horseback (Falmouth, VA, April 1863) by  Timothy H. O'Sullivan

George A. Custer and General Alfred Pleasonton on Horseback (Falmouth, VA, April 1863) by Timothy H. O'Sullivan

Gettysburg. Not the movie, the speech

The Gettysburg address is one of the most well-known and acclaimed speeches ever made in a public setting by a public official. In this case, US President Abraham Lincoln gave a speech at the consecration of Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Therein laid fallen soldiers of the American Civil War - the bloodiest war in American history. 

In his speech, Lincoln emphasised that the war, or the dedicated servitude of the fallen, was not for nought. It was “testing whether that nation (USA) or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” - and truthfully, it did. 

The USA has never been involved in another civil war since the American Civil War ended in 1865, instead, the country’s united armed forces have grown to be the one of the most feared and fierce in the world.

The American Civil War was a series of battles between the Union and the Confederate - two groups of the United states. The Union consisted of 23 free states and 5 border states while the confederate was a group of 11 southern slave states. These two groups had their difference in ideals and beliefs, especially about slavery; but they had one thing in common - they were all American states. 

Despite her foundation of unity and freedom, America was divided and was going through a serious internal conflict but it wasn’t for nought - at least, slavery got abolished after the war.

Internal conflicts are not alway as bad as they might seem. Your state of confusion may not be for nought. It may be a testing of whether you can endure. Being stuck or confused about who or where you want to be is not always a bad thing. 

All that really matters is that you come out of it with a resolution and commitment. If you are confused today, tomorrow you must brace yourself to take a step and commit to a vision - one that you must run with. 

Make the best of today. Go through your process of resolving your internal conflicts. This may be your Gettysburg - your war within borders. All that matters is that you prepare to come to a conclusion, soon enough. 

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