Of Life and Stories

If you are reading this, you’re still alive - and that’s a great thing. 

The true gift of being alive lies within the experiences you get to have. It doesn’t really matter what sort of experiences they are, what matters is you are having or have had them. Experiences make all the difference between living and dying. 

Those moments of joy, glee, comfort, struggle, pain, crying, and the lot are just scenes in your life’s movie. They represent chapters in your story and, together, those moments/experiences make for a great story - one so good, it deserves to be told. 

You know those experiences you’ve had. You know those moments you struggled; those times you thought you wouldn’t make it through but you did. You know what it took you to get to where you are, to achieve success, to survive. You know your story. 

The fact that you’re still alive means that you’ve still got the chance to share your story. You’ve still got some time to encourage, motivate, entertain, enlighten or help someone get through their own experiences. This is your chance to make an impact on the lives of others. 

If you are reading this, you have a story and your story has an audience. 

Let horoma work with you to share your story with those that really need to hear it. Horoma ghostwriters are passionate about working with visionaries and storytellers, like you, to create a platform from which their stories can be shared and heard. 

We know you have a story. We know your story has an audience. The question is will you share your story with your audience? 

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