Paper: The World's Most Useful Tool


Produced from the pulp of wood, paper is simply the world’s most useful tool. SInce its invention, paper has been used by man to store, record, create and recreate intellectual properties. Despite the rise of technological alternatives, paper still stands and remain our first choice for making records, creating contents or exchanging value.

We cannot underestimate the value of paper. Take, for example, currency. Despite the rise of electronic coins, money is still being printed as cash, cheque, bank drafts etc. This is still the most preferred way of producing and storing currency. 

As an entrepreneur, you just cannot afford to do with paper. There are so many reasons why paper is - probably - the most valuable tool in your entrepreneurial life; and we don’t even have to spell them all out to you. 

That being said, there is one reason that stands out amongst other. We believe that it is for this reason that paper is the most important to you. 

As an entrepreneur, the most valuable thing you can do with paper is to write your vision. This may sound simple or stupid but the impact of doing this is insanely profound - in the long run. 

By writing your vision - on paper - you transmit, record and visualize your creative thoughts and thought patterns. Whatever it may be for, your vision is very delicate and you should value it so much. 

Whenever an idea or a series of ideas pop up in your head, write it down on paper. Do not trust your memory to store all that information for you ‘cause it may or may not. When you write, you preserve that information. 

As these ideas come to you and you write them, start preparing yourself to write a business plan. Your business plan would help you map out all the strategies and prepare for all that is involved in your starting, managing and growing your business. 

At horoma, we believe in the power of paper to store valuable information. Even so, we believe in the need to store information on paper in a clear, concise and strategic manner. We are dedicated to developing contents for your business plan, business proposals, websites, books, products catalogs, social media platform and much more

Take advantage of the world’s most useful tool - paper - and start writing your vision