The Potential of Startups

Photo by  Climate KIC  on  Unsplash

Photo by Climate KIC on Unsplash

Startups are the creative backbone of our economy. They don’t have much to lose and don’t have to adhere to anyone’s organizational policies. However, as a business owner, entrepreneur or artist, your creativity is just a measure of your imagination. It is not a basis for success. 

What guarantees your startup’s or brand’s success potential are the strategies you put in place to exercise your creative or competitive advantage i.e. your business plan

Your plan should be more than a mental picture (otherwise it’s just a dream,) it should be written in a clear and detailed manner. You must be ready to implement the strategies you outlay in your plan but then again, you must be open to making adjustments to your plan as you go/grow. 

Every startup has a success potential but without a plan, most startups fail.