The Power of The Proposal


Every business is created to offer value, products or service to a target market. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have the responsibility of finding the best way to take your products or services to wherever your target market may be. 

Many at times, the process - of reaching your target market - involves creating a proposal that highlights the value you and your business can bring to your target market or clients. 

This is just one reason you may need to develop a proposal but there’s more! 

Say you need to receive grant or funding or investments for a facet of your business, you may have to create a proposal that describes what you or your business is trying to implement and why it is worth investing in. 

Oh, we aren’t done. 

Look around you, there may be a few businesses or platforms that you would like to partner with for one reason or the other but you aren’t sure how to begin the conversation or process. Creating a proposal that clearly states the purpose and essence of this partnership would ease this process.

The point is: Whether you know it or not, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you would definitely need a proposal at some point and when you do, it is important that you do it the right way. 


The power (or effectiveness) of your proposal will depend on the salience of the details within. Your proposal should do the following: 

  • Focus on the needs of your market/investor/partner
  • Provide a precise description of the products and services you offer
  • Provide a detailed illustration of your market analysis
  • Showcase past experiences of the key players involved in offering your products or services
  • Include detailed financial analysis and requirements

By ensuring your proposal covers these bases, you boost the chances of it being accepted. 

Horoma proposal specialists work with you to create detailed proposals that help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.