Why You Need A Business Plan

Photo by  rawpixel.com

Photo by rawpixel.com

Every entrepreneur or business owner has a dream - a final destination or reward for their hard work. By definition, a dream is ambiguous. It lacks clarity, measurability and many at times, it is unrealistic. A dream is a fantasy. 

When dreamers become visionaries, they finetune their imaginations and ambitions. By having a vision, entrepreneurs are able to plan, wisely, for the future of their business. A vision always has a direction and plan - and this is the main reason you need a business plan. You can’t have a clear vision without a strategic business plan.

You may be wondering: “do I need a business plan? Why can't I just start my business and sell to my market?” 

The essence of a business plan cannot be understated. Firstly, it helps you to define your business and how you're going to stand out. You need to know and understand the industry and what value your business brings to the table versus your competitors. 

Your business plan helps you clearly define your product and why it should be the number one choice for your consumers. With a business plan, you can define your product and have a clear understanding and strategy of how you will get it in the hands of your consumers. When you can define your product and marketing strategy, then you are ready to take your products to your target market.

After you've decided how you're going to take your product to your target market, you need to fully understand and plan how you're going to run that business. Your business plan should include an operating plan which details how you are going to support your business’ operations

If your business involves hiring staff or working with a team, you'll need to figure out how you are going to lead your people and maximize their potential. You'll also need to outline all necessary roles and responsibilities and who’s going to be filling those shoes. Your business plan must have an organizational strategy.

Once you've got all that done, you'll need to create a projection or forecast of your financial results. Your business plan must have a clear and understandable financial plan that helps you visualize how your business should perform, financially, over time

Remember, your vision - and your business plan - must be realistic, so you'll need to think about some of the pitfalls or risks that you could face as you start or run your business. In your business plan, you’ll need to assess your risks and figure out how you are going to minimize them

Depending on the nature of your business, your business plan may or may not include all these elements. Together, these are the major components of a good business plan and why you need to develop one. However, when accessing your business plan, every investor would need to see all these elements. 

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