Contents Analysis + Strategy

The word 'contents' is pretty neoteric and that makes it difficult to define. As ambiguous as the word may be, when it comes to horoma and our collaboration with entrepreneurs and artists, contents mean stories. To be specific, brand stories. We believe that every entrepreneur's and artist's vision is driven by a desire. Within the core of those three words (desire, drive, vision) lies a story and that story forms the identity for a brand. In other words, every brand has a story. At horoma, we pay more attention to your brand('s) story because we know that if we can understand your brand('s) story then we would be able to see, write and run with your vision. 

Our content analysis and strategy service focuses on finding creative ways to share your brand story with your target market. To do this, we must first define your brand identity and your target market. When that is done, we draw a bridge of systems, strategies and processes that will help you raise more awareness for your contents, brand and, in essence, your story. If your client knows your brand story, and finds it relatable, they would be feel motivated to try your product or service.

PRICING: Part of Grow Service Project or $100 per hour