horomaLearn is an annual event that features interactive learning sessions and a panel of creative entrepreneurs having conversations and sharing ideas about issues related to arts, business and social culture.

Here are some pictures from our recent event which was themed: How to Grow a Business in a Diverse Community

Here are some reviews and pictures from our first event, which was themed: How to Plan and Manage Your Business. 

"I learnt about barriers preventing me from starting a business or growing an existing business but I was challenged to do it despite the barriers or fears." - Tolu Dare, (Entrepreneur, Elyon Tax Mobile)

"[horomaLearn taught me to] take one step at a time because the moment I feel I need to wait to have everything in order before starting, I will never start." - Esther Olasehinde (Entrepreneur)

"I loved the exquisite packaging, the free flow of thoughts during the interview session, and the exchange of ideas." - Sam Osho (Entrepreneur/Writer, Sam Osho)