perfect for entrepreneurs and artists who are about in the preliminarily stages of a startup or new business, growth phase of their business or looking to generate and convert more leads. 

This service project is tailored to help you create more brand awareness for your business by focusing on business essentials like developing a business plan, creating an interactive and responsive website, registering your business, analyzing and creating a strategy around your contents, leveraging social media platforms and designing branding, marketing and stationery graphic materials.

Our specified timeline for completion of this project is 6 months. 


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Social Media Management + Marketing

The world of social media today is like the wild wild west. There are countless brands sharing millions of contents and paying ridiculous amounts for social media advertisement campaigns. We don't blame them - they are simply trying to leverage one of the biggest economic advantage of the internet but how can you compete? Here's our answer: you don't have to, technically speaking. 

At horoma, we recognize and understand the value of personalized marketing and our goal, when collaborating with entrepreneurs and artists like you, is to find new, creative and dynamic ways of using personalized marketing - in the world of social media - to your advantage. To do that, we must first assess your brand. A proper assessment of your brand will help us create the right personality for your social media platforms and our social media management team will keep your social media brand personality and identity consistent by regularly designing your digital contents and updating your social media platforms and engaging with your followers. Our social media marketers will ensure your promotional campaigns are well curated to reach your target market and generate engagements and leads