perfect for entrepreneurs and artists who are about starting a business or in the preliminarily stages of a startup or rebranding process. 

This service project is tailored to help you kick start or rebrand your business by focusing on business essentials like developing a business plan, creating an interactive and responsive website and registering your business.

Our specified timeline for completion of this project is 8 weeks.

p.s. Complimentarty business registration service only applies to clients in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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Business Evaluation 

It is important for organizations - large or small - to be strategic in their decision making process and goal-setting. The effects of good business analysis, practices and strategies cannot be understated as they can help gain extraordinary results for a business even if its level of competence (or capacity) is only average.

For our business evaluation service, we take some time to analyze your current brand story, goals, strategies, operational capacity, policies, profitability, and markability. We factor in all necessary variables and facilitate the required research processes that will help us come up with a framework for running a smooth and effective business. That way, you will be able to gauge the health of your business. 

Business Plan

A good business plan is a document that serves as an operational manual for understanding your business' practices, policies, services, marketing and business strategies, SWOT, financial health, human resources capacity, and potential. In other words, your business plan is a picture of the vision you have for your business and a detailed analysis of your business' short and long term plans and wellbeing.

Often times, entrepreneurs and artists need a business plan to help them map out systems and strategies for running their business. Some need one for scaling purposes while others need a business plan to complete the necessary requirements for a loan or grant application or to seek investment.

Whatever the case may be for you, we are well equipped to collaborate with you to create a business plan that is just as detailed as it is clear and concise. To do that, we must understand your vision, evaluate your business and brainstorm strategies for growth in various aspects of your business. Our team will conduct necessary research related to your industry, business models, pricing and marketing; and the our findings will help you make informed decisions about your business going forward. All details, analyses and findings will be documented in your business plan so you, your partners or investors can always refer back to it. 

Website Design

At horoma, we believe your website is more than just an online storefront for your brand, platform or business. It is a medium of communication between your business and its target market. A beautiful designed, interactive, and responsive website leaves a good impression on its visitors, highlights your business' specialties, creative value or competitive advantage, and gathers information about your potential clients on your behalf. 

Our website design and development services involve the creation of state of the art webpages - that are easy to navigate - and digital contents that share your brand story and boosts your ranking on search engines. The websites we design showcase your brand, sell your products using a comprehensive e-commerce system (that accepts credit and debit cards from all global merchant services as well as PayPal) and use impressionable call to action methods to interact with your web visitors and turn them into potential leads. When creating your website, we take care of every step of the process from web hosting to domain management, contents updates, SEO management and monthly site maintenance so you never have to worry about your online storefront.