Website Design

At horoma, we believe your website is more than just an online storefront for your brand, platform or business. It is a medium of communication between your business and its target market. A beautiful designed, interactive, and responsive website leaves a good impression on its visitors, highlights your business' specialties, creative value or competitive advantage, and gathers information about your potential clients on your behalf. 

Our website design and development services involve the creation of state of the art webpages - that are easy to navigate - and digital contents that share your brand story and boosts your ranking on search engines. The websites we design showcase your brand, sell your products using a comprehensive e-commerce system (that accepts credit and debit cards from all global merchant services as well as PayPal) and use impressionable call to action methods to interact with your web visitors and turn them into potential leads. When creating your website, we take care of every step of the process from web hosting to domain management, contents updates, SEO management and monthly site maintenance so you never have to worry about your online storefront.

PRICING: Part of our START Service project or $750 per project (Monthly content updates and maintenance = $50 per month) 

For pricing of add-ons such as photo or video shoots, contact us as rates vary.